Monday, 27 April 2015

A Week in April

My days have been filled with making lots of plans lately, a weekend getaway to Whistler, a summer trip to Suncadia, getaway with Grandma and Auntie and planning my 'runcation' in September to mark my 40th birthday.  It feels good to flip through the pages of my daytimer and feel excited about things to come. 

I spent my morning today meeting with an interior designer that my friend Erin recommended to me.  She was such a lovely lady and I really felt that she is exactly what I need to get me motivated to get cracking on some home improvement projects that are long overdue.  I'm feeling hopeful about the prospect of getting some things done over the next few months.

We had a full and busy week this past week.  Sydney and I continue to enjoy watching everything come into bloom in our own garden and all around us.

This amazing tree bloomed in our backyard this past week, it is in it's full glory right now:

And of course the lilacs, a full three weeks ahead of schedule are out in full bloom:

Love, love them. I have had a bouquet in my kitchen for days and never grow tired of the most amazing, fragrant smell!

This past Friday I had the pleasure of hosting a birthday dinner for my dear friend Sally with our precious group of Dunbar Moms.  We decided on a Mexican theme as Sally loves Mexican food.  My friend Erin dropped a box of fun Mexican items off to me and I had such fun decorating and making a lovely Mexican feast!

The girls loved the meal and stayed until the wee hours of the night laughing and visiting.  I loved every minute of it and it left me thinking that I really should host more of these events, such fun times!

The very next morning we had the pleasure of celebrating Ollie's 5th birthday at Science World.  What a fun party!  The kids got to see live bugs and learn all about them and then launch bottle rockets off before enjoying lunch and cake.

We have been busy going through the contents of Paul's Mom's house before it goes on the market later this week.  This weekend we brought over her beautiful sideboard which now graces our front foyer.

It is a wonderful addition to our home and we love it!

It is hard to believe that April is almost behind us and that in six short weeks Sydney will be finished Kindergarten.  Time is definitely moving faster than it ever has before and I'm working harder and harder at trying to hold onto and savour every last minute with my sweet girl as she grows up before my eyes!

Monday, 20 April 2015

A Home for our Teacups

As you may have guessed from reading many of our past posts, Sydney and I love having tea parties more than anything.  We often have friends over for a special high tea time and will even sneak in a few special times around tea on our own. 

When Paul's Mom passed away several months ago one of the things that Sydney inherited from her was her beautiful collection of teacups, many of which are well over seventy years old!

We were so excited to have these new treasures and carefully stored them individually wrapped in paper towels in a box in our storage room waiting for a special occasion when we could use them.

This past weekend we brought home another very special item from Bubbie's home, her china cabinet and now we have a beautiful new home for her teacups to be displayed along with a set of teacups that are the exact pattern that my Grandmother had.  I love that they are housed together, a china cabinet filled with memories for both of us!

I absolutely love it!  Sydney was so excited to see everything all neatly put away and to have the teacups on display at long last instead of tucked away in storage.

I feel some tea parties coming on in our future!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Back in Business

With sincere apologies for my radio silence for the last month, I am happy to announce that we are back in business with updating this blog and you can hope to see some more frequent updates in the days and weeks to come.

It has been such a great spring, the early bloom in Vancouver this year and string of bright, sunny days has been so uplifting.  We have had so many wonderful memories together with Sydney in the past month, here's a few of the highlights.

Easter Weekend

In keeping with our yearly tradition we did a photo shoot in the garden on Good Friday.  Sydney was only too excited to get dressed into one of her new spring dresses and enjoy the flowers while I happily snapped away.  I love that this has become a tradition and am amazed at how much she's changed and grown year over year.

We did our annual egg hunt with our Dunbar friends on Good Friday as well, the kids had a blast ripping around Dunbar Park searching for eggs and stuffing their baskets to the brim!

We started a new tradition this Good Friday as well by visiting Southlands Farm for their annual sheep shearing.  What fun we had watching the event and making Sydney her first ever roast marshmallow at the bonfire there!


Good Friday also marked the start of Passover this year.  We so enjoyed Seders with Paul's nephew Danny and his wife Heidi who are always such gracious hosts.  It was a special time of being together with family and friends.  Sydney enjoyed helping me make yet another gorgeous fruit platter for the dinners this year.

Visit from Grandma

We have just enjoyed the most wonderful week of having my Mom here to visit us.  She and I spent some precious time together one on one while Sydney was at school during the day, had a lovely lunch together at Seasons in the Park, spent the day at the Absolute Spa getting our nails done and enjoyed many coffees and chats together.  It was precious time!

Grandparents Day

While my Mom was here she had the pleasure of joining Sydney at school for the day for Grandparents Day.  Sydney was thrilled to show Grandma around her school, garden and playground and they enjoyed some special time together!

Melanie's Wedding

My Mom also had the pleasure of joining us in celebrating my cousin Melanie's wedding at the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish while she was here.  What a fabulous day it was sharing this long awaited celebration together! 

My Auntie Trish made a beautiful wedding cake for the occasion.

William's Birthday

Sydney and I so enjoyed celebrating her friend William's 5th birthday with the most fabulous truck and car themed birthday party!

William's Mom, my friend Michelle, made the most incredible cake for the day, it was amazing!

Coconut Wally Bear

It is hard to believe that Sydney is in her last couple of month of Kindergarten.  I am savouring each and everyday with her at her precious little school as we prepare to say goodbye shortly.

Sydney got to take home the class "pet," Coconut Wally Bear, for a couple of days and document her travels with him. 

We had fun taking him along on errands and showing him around our house!

It has been a wonderful few weeks filled with many special times, we are blessed!