Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I love September for many reasons:  the start of the fall season, a new beginning with a fresh school year, my birthday, the Jewish high holidays, the list just goes on.

We've had three celebrations in a row around here in the past few days and it's feeling very festive.

This past Saturday night my beloved group of Dunbar Mommas and their husbands took me out for a birthday celebration dinner at La Pentola restaurant.  It was the first time that the entire group has gone out for a lovely dinner together as couples and we so enjoyed visiting with each other and having a few kid-free moments! 

I was so touched by many things that night, my friend Lori who had her sweet baby boy, Ryan, just three weeks ago, came out with her babe in tow.  Nothing like a friend who will sacrifice sleep with a newborn to come out and help you celebrate a milestone birthday!

The girls gave me a lovely gift too.  When we were together in Suncadia earlier this summer I saw the most beautiful cake plate at an antique shop in Roslyn.  I left without buying it, thinking I didn't need another one but couldn't stop thinking about it so I sent Christina a message asking her to pick it up the next time she was there and that I would pay her back for it.

Well wouldn't you know it, when she went back to get it for me it had sold already.  Or so I thought....sweet, sweet Christina bought the cake plate for me and surprised me with it as a lovely gift from the girls for my birthday along with a gift certificate for The Dirty Apron cooking school so that I can take a class and learn some new techniques.  So thoughtful!

It was a wonderful evening and memory together.

The very next day was the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year.  We joined Paul's nephew Danny and his wife for dinner at their home to celebrate together with extended family and friends.

As is my tradition, I always make a beautiful fruit platter to bring along for dessert.

We spent a beautiful, peaceful day together as a family at the synagogue and at Paul's sister's home for lunch afterwards yesterday.  It was such a special time together and nice to start the week on a relaxed note instead of the rush that it usually is.

When we got home from lunch we toasted what would have been Paul's Dad's 99th birthday by having a shot of scotch, his favourite!

Lots to celebrate and feeling ever so grateful for all that this month holds!

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