Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Welcome Fall

This past weekend I pulled up a giant Rubbermaid tub from the basement filled with all of our fall decorations.  Our house has been a construction zone for the past seven weeks or so as we were getting our new hardwood flooring installed and we were finally getting things back to where they were meant to be.  So it was time to decorate. 

As soon as Sydney saw me carry the bin upstairs she squealed with delight "Fall Decorations! Yay!"  This girl loves celebrating a season as much as her Momma.

We had fun finding new and old treasures and finding spots for them around the house.  It feels festive and like all things Autumn around here!

I just love this orange hurricane vase that I got on clearance last year at Crate and Barrel which has now found a new home as a centerpiece on our dining room table filled with fun sparkly balls.

Sydney is really settling nicely into Grade 1.  She absolutely loves her teacher and seems to be feeling more at home with each passing day.  Her teacher is amazing, has done so many incredible things with the kids already including a science experiment with milk, food colouring and dish soap which Syd had to recreate at home.

I met up with my friends Amanda and Gretchen the other day for lunch and they gave me such a thoughtful birthday gift, a gift certificate to our collective favourite store, The Latest Scoop.

We have a shopping date planned for sometime next month to hit up this very cool pop up shop together.  Can't wait!

Sydney's school had their annual Terry Fox run last week.  Sydney was paired up with a Grade 11 student to run around the school's neighborhood.  She was given a sticker that read in French:

"Terry ran for me and I'm running for...."  She sweetly wrote Mommy and Daddy in the space provided.  What a girl!

I am heading to San Jose in a few days with my friends Angela and Susan to run my first ever 10K race in celebration of my 40th birthday next Wednesday.  What a way to kick off a new decade!

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