Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Grandma's Birthday

October 22nd is my Grandma's birthday.  She passed away sixteen years ago but would have been 103 years old this year.  I make a point of talking to Sydney a lot about my Grandma as I would love for her to feel as though she 'knew' her through the stories that I share with her. 

Every year on October 22nd Sydney and I do something special together to remember my Grandma and it is usually built around some sort of memory that I have of her. 

One thing that I always remember about Grandma is that she carried a little package of bright green Tic Tacs in her purse with her and would always have a few if she was going somewhere that she felt she needed fresh breath for.

Sydney and I searched high and low to look for a package of bright green Tic Tacs, apparently they don't make that colour any more, so we settled on orange ones and opened the package and each had a few on her birthday.  It was a funny little thing that brought back so many memories for me.

I also took the opportunity to cross another item off my '40 Things' list and pulled out a letter that Grandma had written me that had been tucked away in a keepsake box for years.  I keep a stack of them bundled together and reading one is like having a conversation with her, it's precious.

I laughed so hard when I read this one that Grandma had written, she was talking about a mutual friend of ours who had just gotten married and how he had such a ponch now that he was married and that his new wife must be cooking too well for him!

I dearly loved and still love my Grandma and was honored to remember her on her birthday once again this year.

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